Check Out the Newest Baagh Collection by Imrozia Clothing Brand

by Development logix on Aug 18, 2023

Check Out the Newest Baagh Collection by Imrozia Clothing Brand

Find traditional dresses with wild beauty, elegant prints, and desi patterns at Imrozia. This online store is famous because of its wide range of collections. One of the latest collections is the Baagh collection because of its inspiring designs. Also, this collection is the right blend of traditional with modern design.

The collection is available with many dresses featuring floral motifs and patterns. From dresses to blouses, everything is stylish. So all these outfits show elegance and a unique look with fashion at first. Dress up casually and wear luxury with the newest trendy beach collection by Imrozia Premium!

What is Included in Their Baagh Collection?

The new collection of Imrozia Premium has many attractive pieces. Each piece of this collection attracts the attention of people. It is just because of the style and glimpse in these dresses. Check out what are the exciting wear options included in their new Baagh clothing collection. So let's go through what is included in the latest designs and wear collection in this collection.

Elegant Dresses:

All the dresses in this collection are elegant with natural designs. Also, the simple shades with beautiful patterns make dresses a superb choice. From maxis to chic dresses, each outfit is available in many patterns. Besides this, all outfits are of super fabric with various shades for all people.

Printed Separates:

Suppose you want to create a stylish and beautiful outfit. Then you have the right choice by exploring the Baagh collection. This collection is rich in its printing separates that allow you to choose your favorite. From print tops to pants, everything is unique in style.

Front Digital Print

The front digital print of the beach is an elegant beauty. All the dresses are equipped with motifs and lush foliage. So these leave an unforgettable experience and invite many people.

Embroidery dresses:

Not only printed dresses, but Baagh also has embroidered dresses at Imrozia Premium. All the dresses are embroidered on the front panel. The embellishment of these dresses indicates the culture of South Asia. Also, the infusing colors and timeless charm make these dresses a superb choice. Some dresses are a combination of prints and embroidery, which are of visual height.

Back Digital Print:

You will be amazed to see the back prints of the beach collection. All the digital prints on the back of the dress are outstanding. The canvas of flora and fauna makes these dresses visually appealing. So these dresses capture the attention of many people because of their vibrancy.

Sleeve Digital Print:

Not only front and back, but all dresses are also printed on sleeves. So these are real witnesses of the digital masterpiece. When you move your arms, the digital flora and fauna prints move with your arm. So these leave a beautiful look.

Trouser Fabric:

The Baagh collection is incomplete with the right trouser fabric. The 2.5 yards of fabric allow you to make a balance between the top and bottom. Imrozia focuses on providing and making comfortable clothes in their every collection. The fabric used in trousers is breathable and comfortable. So you can use it on any occasion.

Velvet Embroidery Suits:

When you explore the collection, you will see many velvet embroidery dresses. All these are crafted with super velvet with embroidered front panels. So each suit is a representation of cultural heritage.


As Imrozia Premium is the most well-known online store with many collections. So you must visit this store to explore a new collection. Check out their site to explore the latest designs and trendy wear in their new Baagh collection.

Baagh is the most famous and new collection at this store. This collection is the right mixture of fashion and simplicity. So it attracts the attention of many people because of its captivating pieces.

Whether you wear a dress or just shorts with a blouse, you will look stunning. So don't wait and grab the opportunity to explore this collection. You will surely find the dress according to your needs and off-course trend!