Get The Best Outfit On This Eid from Serene's Eid Festive Collection

by Linking Media on Sep 28, 2022

Get The Best Outfit On This Eid from Serene's Eid Festive Collection

As Eid-al-Adha approaches, women are embarking on a shopping spree and this trend continues till the new moon night. As the day of Eid approaches, an atmosphere of chaos is seen in every house. Eid shopping is in full swing. Every class buys beyond its means. Near Eid, the fast is eagerly awaited so that one can go to the bazaars, then stay out of the house till late at night. By the way, this activity has a lot of beauty in it and makes this festival memorable for us every year. Eid is a festival where all the dear ones, neighbors, relatives, and friends are also met. It is also important to look unique and beautiful at all these events.


Apart from making Eid dress for women on the occasion of Eid, other accessories are also very important, of which the following are, but first of all, let's talk about Eid dress. Every woman in the world pays a lot of attention to Eid dress and no one can deny this fact. Whether the event is small or big or the occasion of Eid and festival, women consider it necessary to beautify their self. It is in their nature to wear make-up and beautiful clothes. Serene introduces Eid the new Eid Festive Collection Of Pret Dresses.


Highlight Your Personality

Clothing plays an important role in highlighting the personality of any individual. The clothes you wear will affect your personality. Clothing, whether made of a large piece of cloth, embroidered with lace, and other works add to its beauty.

The shalwar kameez is important in Muslim society. Shalwar kameez is worn in moments of happiness, occasions of happiness, and ceremonies. This dress promotes the personality of the delicate gender. It would not be wrong to say that this outfit is evergreen fashion. Eid Festive Collection by Serene includes well-designed and stitched women's apparel with vibrant colors and details.


The demand for Pakistani Dresses in Foreign Markets

The traditional Pakistani women's dresses are loved worldwide, specifically in the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates, especially when it comes to formal pret wear. The weather is changing fast and the heat is intense. There are gloomy evenings and bright nights.

For women, summer means putting on light summer clothes and going out to shop for colorful, flower, butterfly, charming, and brightly colored lawns, and when Eid is upon you, some fancy clothes should be discussed.


Eid Festive Collection

This change in season is also reflected in the garments and the collection of different brands is being introduced in the market under the name of Eid Collection. This Eid festive collection has modern and charming outfits of light and vibrant colors to suit the season. Although the weather and costumes are always the same. The demand for pret and party wear does not decrease in any season. Because the splendor of these costumes in the celebrations is not the same as the seasonal costumes.

All the brands have launched their Eid collection 2021 and the markets are also very busy, but women do not get time for housework even on the day of Eid. Therefore, they need some clothes so that they look very beautiful and charming on the day of Eid and do not feel the heat so that the hospitality can be done easily.


Pret And Party Wears

Pret or party wears from Serene is usually available in pure silk, chiffon, jamawar, net, and other materials, which is considered the best for chiffon embroidery. Although the tradition of embroidery has always been going on, designers keep changing their style. Embroidery makes any collection look attractive. The fashion of machine embroidery instead of hand is common. Self-prints are also popular, as are floral prints.


Because Eid is a busy day for women, there is a lot of work to be done from dawn to dusk in the morning. Not only are they suitable for hot weather, but they can also be worn on Eid.


Lawn or cotton nowadays both plain and fancy types of lawn and cotton are available. So, if you don't want a simple lawn or plain cotton suit and want to make a little fancy suit for the occasion of Eid then Serene Eid Festive Collection. This pret collection on Eid has brought embroidered lawn and the best cotton suits that are available in cool colors like sky blue, brown, light yellow, light patch, and purple. These colors will make you look beautiful and make the day of Eid special.