Serene Imrozia – Mother’s Day Collection Up to 25% Off on All Items

May 07 , 2021

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Serene Imrozia – Mother’s Day Collection Up to 25% Off on All Items

Be it ancient or modern cultural scene, mother has a very prestigious status. It is another matter that the disintegration of the family in the 60s tarnished its image, but the importance of the mother remained undiminished in every age. No human being, religion, nation or sect can deny the greatness of motherhood. International Mother's Day is celebrated all over the world with sincerity and love to pay homage to this great being.

Mothers Day

In most countries of the world, the second Sunday of May is considered Mother’s Day. Here in United Kingdom as well, on the occasion of Mother's Day, children are giving gifts, especially to their mothers. Special memorial days like these also guarantee economic growth. This day is valued in the societies of other European countries and developed countries. There is a growing trend in the United Kingdom to buy special gifts for this day. In developed societies, Mother's Day is characterized by unusual crowds in restaurants. Special cards have also been introduced in the market to mark the occasion.

The purpose of celebrating this day is to highlight the greatness and importance of the sacred relationship of the 'mother' and to promote feelings of devotion, gratitude and love for the mother.

The hashtags ‘Mother's Day’, ‘Mother's Day Special’ are also top trends on social media at the moment. On social media, everyone, including users, political, social and showbiz personalities, celebrate 'Mother's Day', expressing their feelings for their mother and sharing a memorable photo taken with her.

Mothers Day Collection

Mother's Day is approaching and soon we will see that the screens of our TV channels and the pages of newspapers will be filled with advertisements of various brands and designs of Mother's Day clothing collection. Not only this, with the help of Mother's Day collection every brand will be promoting all kinds of accessories. In this multitude of brands, who would go to which store to beautify the occasion of Mother's Day and how to choose the best designs?

Like other brands this year on Mother's Day, Serene Imrozia has also come up with the latest ready to wear embroidered fancy dresses and that too with a 25% discount offer on all items. So visit Serene Imrozia’s website now and buy the best Mother's Day gift for your mother with 25% discount.

Of course, the services of a mother can never be rewarded, but one day in a year you can express their importance to you through your actions.

Mother's Day is fast approaching, but there's no need to panic! We know you want to find the best gifts for the important women in your life, which is why we're here to offer you the best Mother's Day gift.

From Serene Imrozia's Mother's Day Collection, you can take the dress of your mother's choice and gift it to her. Serene Imrozia's Mother's Day Collection's includes latest gorgeous costumes that are an easy solution to your gift worrying problem. It not only solves your gift giving problem, but also makes your mother happy.

We have in our Mother’s Day collection stitched embroidered chiffon front & back with embroidered organza border dresses with embroidered chiffon dupatta and dyed raw silk stitched trousers with organza border. The vibrant colors of these dresses makes your mother happier than ever before.


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